Speakers : Congress GJC 2011


« How can I defend the existence of God ? » (5 sessions)

Par : Jeffrey Rosario.

In a world that is turning more and more towards atheism and that tends to reject Christianity, it is essential for the followers of Jesus to be able to defend their faith. In this workshop you will learn how you can be a well informed and enthusiastic witness for God and His word, the Bible. We will examine questions about the existence of God and find amazing answers. Come, be prepared to think and learn!

1. Does God exist; why does it matter?
2. The way, the truth and the life––In a postmodern world
3. Is the Bible just another Book? Part1
4. Is the Bible just another Book? Part 2
5. If your God is so good, why is the world so bad?

Pastor Jeffrey Rosario is from Miami, Florida and was born and raised in a non-Christian home. Initially a skeptic to Christianity, Pastor Rosario sought to prove Christians wrong by trying to find contradictions in the Bible. But by studying the Bible, he became a Christian in 1999 at age 17. Trained and a graduate within the Seventh Day Adventist Church, he is now a missionary speaker in many countries, like New Zealand, the United States and Nepal. His down-to-earth attitude and his solid biblical preaching make him a powerful preacher to young people having the post modern mindset.


« How to study the Bible » (4 sessions)

Par : Peter Gregory.

Many read the Bible, but do not understand it. How can an ancient book speak convincingly to a modern world? Learning how to observe, to interpret, and to apply God's word simply, practically, and powerfully.

Learning how to allow the Bible to interpret itself!

Peter Gregory was born in South Korea and immigrated to the U.S at 12 years of age. At New York he was known on the streets as "King Cobra" for his fluid break dancing style … until Providence led him to visit a Seventh-day Adventist Church. His eyes were opened to the Bible truths and his life has never been the same since. At the age of 17 he was baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Since then, he has traveled to over 45 different countries evangelizing and preaching the distinct identity and mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.


Par : Jonathan Zita.

« 1. Eat and drink (1 or 2 sessions) »

How to be young while having the experience of moral and sexual purity
Many young Christians struggle daily to keep their moral and sexual purity intact. The media, the way people dress around them, and even the conversations of their loved ones lead the mind away so quickly. Whether for yourself or to help your friends, find out where the impurity starts and learn step by step how to allow Christ to take control of your mind and therefore your actions.

« 2. Who's Choice (2 sessions) »

How to know God's will for my life.
There are so many choices in life and each choice has consequences. How do I know what I need to study, where to buy my car, what to do this summer, or even how to know who the person is with whom I should marry? These things are not written in black and white in the Bible, but we can know God's will with certainty. Discover how God speaks to us and learn to hear his voice even in small things.

« 3. To be a Winner (1 or 2 Sessions) »

Practical steps to overcome temptation.
Whether you are young or old, Satan has a temptation designed just for you. Many young people leave the church and religion, because they can not find the power required to overcome their temptations. Guilt invades them and they abandon all spiritual things, until their consciences become numbed. Is there any hope, without falling into legalism?

Jonathan Zita works for the Review & Herald Publishing Association as the Associate Publishing Director for Canada. He has been involved in the Literature Ministry in Canada for over 10 years. His responsibilities range from the recruiting, training and support of regular Literature Evangelists, Lifestyle Consultants, and participants in the Canada Youth Challenge (CYC) program. Each year, this ministry coordinates over 100 CYC participants across Canada with the primary focus of spreading the gospel of Jesus-Christ through literature, media, and personal contact. Jonathan is married with 2 children. His greatest desire is to always seek to do God's will and to fulfill God's purpose in this generation.


Par : Daniel Pel.

« Reclaiming our Identity and Mission ! (4 Sessions) »

We are called to be ambassadors for Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20). What does this really mean and how can we represent Christ to those around us? Through this workshop we will go on a journey through the scriptures seeking for a deeper connection with God in order to reclaim our identity and mission as disciples of Jesus.

« A Marriage in God's Image (2 Sessions) »

« Let us make man in our image » (Gen 1 : 26). « And so He created the man and the woman » (Gen 1 : 27). Their purpose together was to reflect the image, which is the character of God. This is still God's purpose for marriage today. Through this seminar we will discover Biblical truths on how to prepare for marriage and how to have a happy home that puts God's character on display. Daniel and Silvia will take time to openly talk with young women and young men.

Daniel Pel gave his heart fully to the Lord when he was 20 years old. Shortly after his conversion, the Lord called him to preach the Gospel. Daniel is an international speaker who has traveled extensively teaching Bible prophecy and presenting relevant topics from the scriptures. His dynamic and logical way of presenting has revived and inspired young and old. Though originally born in New Zealand to Dutch parents, Daniel has spent most of his life in Europe and now lives with his wife, Silvia, in Norway. Through their evangelistic work in Europe, many have found Jesus as their personal Savior. Their greatest hope and goal is to train young people for evangelism. They teach at the European Bible School in Norway and together they run their ministry, called Living Waters.


« God, just and full of love ... » (2 sessions)

Par : Jetro Dias Vieira.

How are we saved? Do we need a Savior? Let us look at the problem of sin and the divine solution. Together, we will also see the role we have to play.


Jetro Dias Vieira, 25 years old, is originally from Portugal. Following the immigration of his parents, he grew up in Belgium until he turned 19. One day he went to Tanzania in an Adventist project for 5 years. It is there, for the first time in his life, that he lived experiences with a living God! He ceased to be hesitant and got baptized, and he promised God to use the rest of his life to work for Him. Just having completed the course at the European Bible School (EBS) in Norway, he now joined a new school / project in Portugal where he wants to invest his life, in order to see the work of the Lord going forward. His interests are the Bible, the Old Testament and especially the sanctuary.


« Adventism : God's plan? » (2 sessions)

Par : Benjamin Calmant.

Do you believe that God raised up the Adventist Church to preach a particular message to the world today? In this workshop, we will see together if this is true and how to prove it.


Benjamin is 23 years old, last year he graduated from his BA in theology at the Adventist Faculty of Collonges-sous-Salčve. He is currently a student of Documentary Information Science in Geneva.


« Worship and Song and Praise » (3 sessions)

Par : Erwin Gabriel Nanasi.

Why worship? And When? What does the Bible tell us about worship? Does worship include song or/and praise? What distinguishes true from false worship?

Music is the international language - so who could instruct us better in this topic than master conductor Jesus Christ. Let us learn from him as we will explore together how Israel was led through Egypt, Canaan, and Babylon. There we will find practical answers that will help us to grasp the biblical understanding of worship song and praise. You may wonder what this has to do with us today - is there only one style? What about Christian-Rock? Should we learn to play the harp? Can Christian music be contemporary and spiritual? Someone said once "music is the prelude for eternity", and who wants to miss anything that has to do with eternal life? If you long for spirituality, melodious insight and refreshing from the stream of living water the Bible calls you in Isaiah 26:19 to: Arise. Awake and sing!

« Born 1990 in Germany, I grew up in an Adventist home. Memories of my childhood are beautiful as I think of the melodious harmony between my parents, my sister and I. There was music in our home all the time. As years passed by, my interest in music grew and I had the opportunity to deepen my vocal and instrumental studies in different countries and continents - yet it didn't satisfy my soul. The Lord, knowing my heart, pulled me out of the university in Stuttgart and placed me into an almost unknown culture, the Inuits in the arctic! There I was taught: Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathens, I will be exalted in the earth. (Psalms 46:10) This verse became very true and practical to me. I had to learn the secret of silence and He put the desire into my heart to know Him, my Creator and Redeemer Jesus Christ. If there was someone who could judge me - it was my Savior, now friend. But His open arms, His forgiving grace as everlasting Father were open to me, as they are for you! He didn't modify my life, He transformed it completely! He showed me that music is my personal medium to reach lost souls for His kingdom that is soon to come! Realizing that He saved my life, I wanted to share it with everyone “glocally” (global and local)! But how to be an effective witness? That was when the Lord called me to AFCOE (http://www.afcoe.org/) (remember this: If you sow with Christ you'll reap with Christ - abundantly). I graduated in May 2011, since then I'm back in Germany proclaiming the three angel's message and praying that the LORD will exemplify His character in our feelings, thoughts and actions that our generation of youth will be singing on the mount Zion. Hosanna! Hallelujah! Maranatha! Amen! »


« Sing to the Lord a new song » (6 sessions)

Par : Nicola Taubert.

He who wishes to understand the music of today, must first recognize that the brains of younger generations have changed physiologically in a terrifying way. These social changes mean for Christians a serious challenge. A critical and informed choice of music is essential for anyone who wants to sing to the Lord a new song.

1. The truth about you and music - What is the truth? The basis for my decision.
2. Sing to the Lord a new song. What does it really mean ?
3. All for the Lord Rebellion to God's glory?
4. Global Revolution Strange fire or set on fire by God?
5. Do what you want! The religion that moves the body..
6. Back to the Future. A prophetic warning.

Nicola Taubert is married to Regina and is the father of Elijah, Joshua and Enoch. Nicola worked as a disc-jockey in several clubs and discos, and even was co-founder of a nightclub. One day he met Jesus Christ and learnt about the Gospel in the Bible, that is why his themes are not just about scientific knowledge, but real-life messages. After studying theology and evangelism in Europe, Asia and the United States, he has in various parts of the world through his lectures, brought hope and a better understanding of current events. He is a pastor and leads the project "Visions of Hope", he is also co-founder of the TV channel "LightChannel" in Germany.