Engagement Charter - GJC

1. We are determined to be guided in all statements by the Bible, in which we have a full confidence.

2. We want to know and understand the reasons for Ellen G. Whites’ writings, in order to discover a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and appreciate more the value of His Word.

3. We want to learn to love all men and women that God created, so that we are motivated to share the everlasting Gospel with them, and be ready for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. This mission is our ultimate priority.

4. Our desire is to go forward and thus be a part of the revival of the Seventh day Adventist church, inviting the youth to be an actor in this.

5. We want to prepare ourselves in a responsible manner of life, relying on the word of God and the writings of Ellen G. White, among others things (in): recreation, appearance, behavior and healthy lifestyle.

6. We want to commit ourselves in a lively and friendly atmosphere during church services to encourage a true encounter with our holy and lovely God.

7. Having a firm conviction that God has called the Seventh-day Adventist church to be His church in the last days, we recognize and accept the fundamental beliefs as an expression of the most important teachings of the Bible.

8. We want to respect the movement, the organization and the structure of the Seventh Day Adventist worldwide church. As an expression of our loyalty, we do not use tithes to support our financial goals.

9. In all areas of our faith, we seek integrity and temperance. Our desire is to move away from extremes of any kind and to be balanced. Individuals and organizations which like to criticize and are disloyal to the Seventh day Adventist church movement will receive no support from us.